Can we trust the theory of probability in betting?


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Finally, we came to the answer to the most important question…


Finally, we came to the answer to the most important question: can we trust the theory of probability in betting?

If you use value bets, then you can and even should. The most difficult thing is to correctly identify the events that the bookmaker estimates incorrectly. When betting, you must have your own margin, which can bring profit over the long term. If you place every bet on an outcome that you think is 10 percent or more likely to pass than the bookmaker suggests, this is a good bet.

The main problem here is that it is very difficult to give an objective assessment of the upcoming match, and statistics do not always help with this. In any case, the subjective component influences the forecasting, that is, how the analyst sees this match. You need to understand that the result of a future match will not depend on the results of the head-to-head meetings of these opponents earlier - see 22 bet app. Of course, it is worth considering, but not as a major factor.

Based on all this, we come to the main idea: the player must take into account the theory of probability in the bets, because it will definitely help him in the long run. If the bettor will correctly determine the rates with inflated odds, this will bring him long-term profit, when we are talking not about 10 or even 100 bets, but about 1000 or more.

The average average player will not bother with all these calculations, he bets based only on his vision of the situation and only a few factors. But an experienced professional player differs in that he is not just well versed in the sport he bets on, and is also able to calculate different options from a mathematical point of view, he understands the law of probability theory and uses it for his own purposes: 22 bet apk is a good example.

Finally, I would like to say that just because of the theory of probability has not yet been developed, and will not be, an ideal win-win strategy in sports betting. It will not be possible to find a ready-made solution, you need to get it yourself by trial and error and by improving your skills.

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