The French Bulldog is a source of affection and kindness for the whole family. These incredibly cute and charming creatures have an incredible charm of their own, although, strictly speaking, their appearance cannot be called correct according to the canons of canine beauty. If there are any at all. The French Bulldog breed has a very inquisitive and cheerful nature, they are playful even in adulthood and love colorful toys.


Lovely French Bulldog puppies Go Study New Zealand
Lovely French Bulldog puppies

These pets are very attached to the family and want to spend literally all their free time with their loved ones. They, as if they didn`t need solitude, love communication and new acquaintances. The French Bulldog destroys the notion that the bigger the dog, the smarter it is. Their intellect is sometimes surprising - they understand a person perfectly, they know how to guess desires, and they are well versed in the emotional states of their owners.

Dental care

To prevent tooth decay in a dog, you need to give her tooth sticks. They are designed to clean the teeth of a quadruped. In addition, you can treat the French Bulldog with dried beef ears - this is good for your pet's teeth.

Ear and eye care

To take care of the Frenchie's ears, you will need a special cleaning lotion. Every day you need to check the pet's ears, if necessary, clean them with lotion.

The French Bulldog has very delicate and sensitive eyes. To prevent inflammation or irritation, you need to wipe them frequently and remove accumulated dirt. Also we suggest to check recommendation here french bulldogs for sale.


The structure of the skull forces the French Bulldog not to chew pieces of food, but to swallow them whole. Because of this, they are prone to flatulence and indigestion. Therefore, the pet's diet must be of high quality. It is necessary to make a menu taking into account the sensitivity of his gastrointestinal tract, the tendency to obesity.