A beautiful figure of several thousand subscribers is not always the pinnacle of success and an indicator of maximum popularity.


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You can increase the number of real, live subscribers in several ways

A lot of promotion resources allow you to quickly improve the necessary indicators of likes, necessary comments and video views to the desired level. And turn your page into a mega-popular one. In a fairly simple way, you can wind up followers by 100 or 10 thousand people in a short period of time.

How will these subscribers behave? How actively will they engage in discussions of new publications, watching videos and participating in relay races? How to define it? The answers to these questions largely determine the quality of followers offered on different sites and services.

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You can increase the number of real, live subscribers in the following ways:

  • natural growth (interesting content, regular feed updates);
  • paid cheat;
  • mass following;
  • exchanges.

Real followers?

The question is not easy. Offer subscribers are the same real people who will complete the task for a certain amount of points. For example, they will like, subscribe, watch a video or write a comment. This is the activity of a real person, but whether this will be a one-time action or the user will repeatedly view his feed, watch and leave comments is a relevant question.

And that's why:

  • job exchange, how well does it filter bots?
  • What is the unsubscribe rate?
  • Offer criteria?

Real example. The owner of the new profile decided to "smart up", to bring the number of subscriptions to 5,000 thousand. Before cheating, he had 100 real followers who liked and commented.