Balloons and a holiday are inseparable concepts. No other accessory creates so much joy and smiles around it.


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You can present balloons for birthdays, anniversaries, hospital discharge, weddings and other celebrations - they will always be appropriate. All that's left is to decide on the type of accessories. Helium and ordinary balloons are used for decorating festive events. In order to correctly select the products, it will not be superfluous to know what they differ from each other.

Comparative characteristics

The main difference between the balloons is in their filling. If the usual accessories are inflated with air, then the helium ones - with the gas of the same name. The latter have the ability to "fly", so the sphere of their application is wider. For example, helium balloons can be gathered in a bouquet, fixed on a ribbon or invisible fishing line, placed on the bottom of the load, which can be put on any surface. In this case, the balls will rush upwards, thereby creating a spectacular composition, as if frozen in air. Such balloons can also decorate the space below the ceiling, thereby creating an effect of iridescent "sky".

Often volumetric foil figures are filled with helium to give them an upright position. If weights are placed underneath, the character acquires the ability to "walk". When the wind blows, the illusion of movement is created. This method is actively used at children's matinees, if they are held outdoors: ballon gas.

Latex balloons filled with helium fly longer than similar models with air. On average, their "life" is 12 hours. If a foil material is used instead of latex, this time increases to 1-2 weeks. Regular balloons fly no more than 5-6 hours.

If you compare the products in terms of cost, the price of helium balloons will be higher than usual. But considering the duration of the flight, the relatively high cost is justified.

As for the decorative elements - inscriptions, graphics, prints, they are about the same on the helium and conventional balloons. However, foil balloons can be made in larger sizes and have interesting shapes, such as dinosaurs, fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters.

In our catalog you will find a large selection of festive accessories of any type. You can also use the service delivery of balloons. Then the required number of products will be delivered directly to the place of the celebration. This can do the courier in the costume of a famous character to make his appearance to cause a real sensation at the celebration.