The next few grills are entry-level stationary grills. They are optimally designed for three to four people; the size of their grills is in the range of 55-60x40-45 cm. These grills are very popular, primarily due to their price. What do we mean by "entry level"?


Best gas grills under $500 Go Study New Zealand
How to choose the Best gas grills under $500 in 2022?


Firstly, these best gas grills under 500 have fewer burners (usually three main burners and one burner on the side table), so the controls are very simple. Although it is also intuitive on larger grills, you can play with the setting of different temperature zones in the oven more pronouncedly.

Secondly, in the production of these grills, as a rule, thinner metal is used, and the execution of the grill elements themselves is simpler than the models of the next levels. Some grills, for example, in the cabinet below, do not have a back wall or it is half closed (dust and dirt will get inside). The power of the grill is less, the burners are made simpler (the more technologically advanced they are, the more evenly the heat is distributed in the oven, and this affects the quality of cooking).

Thirdly, the thickness of the grill rod for entry-level grills is less than for more advanced models. This cannot but affect its service life, as well as the thermal energy that the grate transfers to the product. Therefore, the guarantee for these grills is less, but it is still more than that of very cheap “no name” counterparts.

Napoleon Rogue-525 SE

This is a very interesting, balanced grill, which, like the 425 model, was positively received by the public. Its grille is slightly longer than that of the Legend-485 (74x45 cm versus 68x46 cm). Cast aluminum grill hearth; two-level evaporator plates, stainless steel grate with a 7 mm rod. This thickness is already very heat-intensive, so here it is already possible to draw parallels with a cast-iron grate.

In the basic configuration, an infrared burner for the spit is already installed, which makes cooking on it more correct and varied.

In this grill, as a prominent representative of the Rogue series, one can trace the manufacturer's desire to bring all Napoleon models under one recognizable design. Like premium brand cars: we take the flagship Mercedes, BMW or Audi and see its characteristic features even in the smallest models.

The shape of the grill cover, the sloping panel with burner control knobs, the V-shaped slots on the panel, the illumination of the handles, and of course the patented undulating grill and infrared ceramic burner - everything is very close to Napoleon's top-of-the-line Prestige series grills.

The Napoleon Rogue-525 SE has foldable tops, making the grill more compact to store; as well as a couple of chips for convenience: a pocket for spices, sauces, seasonings, which is hung on the side of the base; and a built-in bottle opener on the front of the right side table.

The Napoleon Rogue-525 SE grill has a twin brother - Napoleon Rogue-525 XT, but there are some differences between them. Outwardly, they are made the same. The body, cover, gas equipment, cast aluminum boiler, tables - all this is identical on both models. The 525 XT grill does not have a rear spit burner (its absence affected the power: 19.6 kW versus 25.6 kW for the 525 SE model); the grate is not steel, but cast iron; the size of the side infrared burner is smaller (23x26 ​​cm and 24x37 cm, respectively); no illumination of the burner control knobs; no spice tray and bottle opener.

The Napoleon Rogue-525 XT gas grill is also available in black. Someone likes this performance more, since pollution is less noticeable on black. Although, to be honest, all this is very relative, since both black and steel grills need to be wiped down from time to time.

Broil King has three grills in this size group: Baron 440, Baron 490 and Signet 390.

Broil King Baron 440 is a practical and strict grill. There is nothing superfluous in it, it may even seem too simple to someone, but this simplicity attracts people. It captivates with its austerity, asceticism and black color, which seems to many to be more practical than the unpainted stainless steel version. It has a double-walled lid that is tall enough to fit a beer chicken stand underneath. The lacquered surface of the grill lid looks very elegant. The oven of this grill is made of stainless steel with aluminum sides.

Each rod of its double-sided cast-iron grate (65x44 cm) has a triangular shape. On the lower side, where the base of the triangle is, a hollow is made along the entire length. Thus, if you turn the grate over, the ingredients will partially cook in their own juice.

The grill is quite powerful - 12.4 kW.

Illuminated control knobs. They are voluminous, framed in a circle with ribbed plastic. It should be noted that the size and slip protection makes them very comfortable. They spin 180 degrees, which means that the gas supply adjustment is very smooth. This will give you more precise control over the cooking temperature.

Folding tops make the grill more compact to store when not in use. But in order to fold the table, you need to pull out the grate and unscrew the two bolts from the inside of the oven, so it is advisable to do this procedure if it is really difficult with the place, otherwise it is difficult to unscrew and screw each time.

The Baron 440 comes without a spit as standard (sold separately) and the model does not have a rear burner for it.

Broil King Baron 490 best gas grills under 500

This is the same 440 model, only an electric spit and a rear burner for it have been added to it. This grill seems to be more rational in terms of spending money on a purchase. The Baron 440 can be fitted with a spit, but it costs almost as much as the difference between two grills. It should also be noted that the 440th model does not have a rear burner; it will not be possible to purchase and install it in addition.

The 490 is also available in steel color. Its main feature is a side infrared ceramic burner, which heats up to 800-900 ° C, quickly "seals" the steaks, creates a crust, which makes them more juicy.