The latest version of DP 1.4 presented is relevant exclusively for high-speed UHD 4K models with a frequency of 120-144 Hz and full HDR support thanks to the multi-zone backlight system. For simpler models, DP 1.4 will not provide any advantages over the remaining most popular DP 1.2/1.2a.


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2022 update: Best gaming monitors under 300 - choosing the best gaming monitor

How to choose?

Several factors influence the choice of a gaming monitor, as it is very different from office models like these

Screen size and resolution

Monitors come in a variety of sizes and resolutions. And in the case of gaming monitors, it is better to choose the largest model to ensure complete immersion. It can have a diagonal of 23-24 inches, ideally 25-29 inches, to maximize the picture.

For a 24-inch screen, 1080p is enough, but for 27-inch or more, you need to choose a higher resolution, because unlike console video games, which are designed for 1080p, PC games provide more flexibility. Large monitors include 1440p and 4K models, while some widescreen devices offer 2560x1080 and 3440x1440 resolutions.

Refresh rate and response

Refresh rate is the number of image updates per second. For example, at 60 Hz the display refreshes 60 times, and at 120 Hz it refreshes 120 times. The higher this value, the better, since the monitor can display the image in real time. And this is important for online games, where there is not a second to lose.

*VA-type (SVA, MVA, AMVA)

  • + deep black color (with rare exceptions)
  • + imperceptible "crystal effect"
  • average viewing angles and picture stability
  • banding, bad gradients (not always, but often)
  • − Black-Crush effect
  • − the slowest response speed (especially on dark transitions)


  • + high response speed (in most cases)
  • + almost indistinguishable "crystal effect"
  • + good viewing angles and picture stability
  • + quality gradients and no banding
  • − the most expensive ceteris paribus (diagonal, resolution, frequency)

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