A cross-platform open electronic document format originally developed by Adobe Systems using a number of PostScript language features. First of all, it is intended for the presentation of printed products in electronic form. There are many programs for viewing, as well as the official free program Adobe Reader. A significant amount of modern professional printing equipment has hardware support for the PDF format, which allows you to print documents in this format without using any software.


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Python is the fastest growing programming language in the last few years. This is what the 2019 StackOverflow study says. Let's see why developers love it and why we advise novice programmers to try it as a first language. Python is easy to understand and learn. You should definitely give Python a try if you've never coded before but want to get your first working program up and running as quickly as possible. The simplest example is a program that displays a given phrase on the screen. Here is what its code looks like in three different languages.

If you are using Python on Windows to develop web applications, we recommend that you set up your development environment differently. Instead of installing directly on Windows, it is recommended that you install and use Python through the Windows Subsystem for Linux. For help, see the following articles: Get started with Python for web development on Windows. If you are interested in automating common tasks in the operating system, check out our guide: Getting Started with Python on Windows for Scripting and Automation. Read more: Automate the boring stuff with Python PDF.

Automate the boring stuff with Python PDF

At first, PDF was not popular. The high price of the software was to blame: Acrobat Distiller for personal use cost $700, and for corporate use it cost $2,500. Acrobat Reader was asking for another $50. Over time, Adobe lowered their prices, and the popularity of PDF began to gain momentum. By the beginning of the 2000s, one hundred million people had downloaded Acrobat Reader 4.0, and large IT companies such as Microsoft and Apple began to use the PDF format. How does PDF work? The basic approach to representing graphics and text in PDF is very similar to that used by PostScript.