I started out without much elections, votes and bureaucracy. He took the damned "Master Yi"...


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Why kills? Maybe for a self-confident start with the players. Or maybe for experience.

I started out without much elections, votes and bureaucracy. He took the damned "Master Yi", adapted to cut everything without identification, also on the middle lane (I trained on bots at first, creating my own game, adding two bots for myself, and so 3 by 5 kill, kill, kill. As a result, much higher indicators in pvp) - it turned out fine. Well, how "normal". I didn't want to hear anything about the guides, 100% chance of crit, farm sharpening Satikka, in the middle lane and later in all forests along with the lane.

Any gaming experience is an experience. Whatever one may say, I soon already knew from which enemy what to expect.

But picking

But picking (taking) a master to mid (middle lane) is very unusual, and this is condemned by teammates in 30-40% of cases. So that your peak does not arouse suspicion, choose your hero and role wisely. The game is a team game, it has its own established traditions, and it is better to follow them if you do not have a plan on how to cope with five enemies at once.


Botlane (Bot) - bottom lane. It is played together, which is why in the usual routine without a fixed choice of role in the chat you can find "bot prim", which means the whole line is occupied by two familiar players. Parts of this line are called "sup" - support and "adk" - adcarry. Those. if you saw a "botprim" in the chat and persistently write "sap" or "adc", then you are clearly wrong. Boots are the "support-type" in your champion collection. But if you think you can play, say, Ziggs (magician) as a support, go ahead. Adk - arrows. They can also be found in the collection. Examples of botliners: Lux, Soraka, Leona, Mf (Miss Fortune), Ash, Varus - check Everything About League of Legends Replays to lear more.