This guide to the best notebooks for students could only begin with a MacBook. I have chosen the MacBook Air Retina.


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Updated article: 2023 best laptop for computer science students - plus buying guide

A computer with a robust graphics card is best for this type of work (although they are also heavy). If your computer doesn't already have great internal specifications, you will want an external GPU instead.


Finally, the other fundamental aspect that makes a notebook a student computer is its autonomy. And if you are one of those students who spend several hours away from home studying, again because of what I said above about convenience and portability, you certainly don't want to carry your computer charger with you. A lot comes down to the use you will make of it, both in terms of hours and the applications you intend to use. In fact, heavier software tends to require more power. The best student notebooks guarantee a battery life of more than 8 hours, while the average is 5-6 hours.

At this point, I have listed the typical technical features of student computers that make them irreplaceable allies for your study, and it only remains for me to suggest 5 models that will help you between the books.


Having a webcam allows you to work more efficiently in class or lab meetings. It also makes video chats and conferences much easier as both participants can see each other face-to-face! For this reason, computer science students should look for webcams at least 720p HD when shopping.

Laptop Speakers

If your laptop doesn't have great speakers already built-in, consider buying external ones like JBL or Soundlink II Bluetooth speakers. Good laptop speakers can make all the difference when watching lectures or working on group projects.

MacBook Air Retina - The notebook for writing

Surely you would choose it if you own an iPhone, for consistency of technology ecosystem. But there are other features for which I consider it one of the best computers for studying. First of all, size and lightness: it will be no problem to always find a place for it in your backpack among your books and carry it around with its 1.29 kg weight.

The 13.3-inch Retina display with more than 4 million pixels and a resolution of 2560×1600 make it certainly also suitable for graphics tasks because it will allow you to see very detailed images. Not only that, thanks to True Tone technology, the Macbook Air automatically adjusts the white balance according to the type of light in your environment.

But the reason I recommend the MacBook Air as a typing notebook is the new butterfly mechanism on the keyboard. Compared to the traditional scissor mechanism, the keys are four times more stable and typing is more comfortable, responsive, and precise. Also here you can have LED backlighting and write in any conditions, even in the evening. As for the processor, the MacBook Air features the 7-core M1 SoC with 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. And you can write as much as you want, because it has a battery life of up to 15 hours.

About Computer Sciences

Let's say that Computer Science is a science that brings together different areas of knowledge that will be useful to a computer and computing professional. Generally speaking, it is the knowledge that will be useful to the programmer. The most essential of these, the ones that are encountered in practice all the time, I will now list as briefly as possible.


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